• 5 star review  I've been having pain from a fall about a month ago and last week I couldn't take it anymore. I contacted Orlando City Health and Wellness to see if I could get an appointment and they got me in that day. The next day they also set me up for weekly visits to try and work through this problem I'm having. Doctor Mike is very persistent and always listens to me. His staff are amazing and always make sure that I'm comfortable. Love these guys!! GO KNIGHTS!

    thumb Donna Shaver

    5 star review  I've been to a few other chiropractors before but nothing like this. The level of care is unparalleled and should be the standard set for the industry. Dr. Jason and Gampolo did my intake together and discussed everything that was out of order hips shoulder knees and then i started treatment three times a week for the first three weeks, along with physical therapy sessions that they do in their office. I feel better than i have in years; the issues i had were chronic lasting almost ten years. This works!!!!

    thumb Austin Lively

    5 star review  Dr. G and his staff are friendly and professional. When I called to make an appointment the receptionist was very accommodating with my schedule to get me in as soon as possible. Upon my first visit Dr. G came out & introduced himself to me and my husband, and welcomed us. Dr. G. and his staff are genuinely concerned about you and your well being. I highly recommend Dr. G.

    thumb Jeanel Lawrence
  • 5 star review  With the help and advice from DR. G I was able to get testing done that I was unaware I needed. By listening and taking his advice I got back results that helped answer some of my concerns. Thanks for the great work!

    thumb Ruth Caldwell

    5 star review  Dr. G is an excellent chiropractor and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. I have been to a few other chiropractors over the years and never saw results this fast. The staff is very kind and helpful. This place really goes the extra mile to provide patients with high quality service.

    thumb Diana Kehoe

    5 star review  I went in with my knee, hip, lower back, and right shoulder hurting. They got me straightened out and fixed up, now nothing hurts. The Chiropractors and staff are really friendly. Would totally recommend paying a visit if you have any aches and pains.

    thumb Chris Proctor