• 5 star review  I went in with my knee, hip, lower back, and right shoulder hurting. They got me straightened out and fixed up, now nothing hurts. The Chiropractors and staff are really friendly. Would totally recommend paying a visit if you have any aches and pains.

    thumb Chris Proctor
    June 10, 2020

    5 star review  I met Dr G and his amazing staff after a car accident, I was rear ended. I had pains in my back, neck and shoulder. Orlando City Health & Wellness was able to fit me in same day and start my evaluation and adjustments. The staff is always friendly and professional! Dr. G, there really isn’t enough nice things I can say about him and he’s been so helpful throughout this whole process. I’m so thankful to have him as my chiropractor. I recommend Orlando city health and wellness.

    thumb Rick Martinez
    October 8, 2019

    5 star review  Dr. G is an excellent chiropractor and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. I have been to a few other chiropractors over the years and never saw results this fast. The staff is very kind and helpful. This place really goes the extra mile to provide patients with high quality service.

    thumb Diana Kehoe
    July 19, 2019
  • 5 star review  I’m a nurse and I get flare ups of lower back/hip pain that just kept getting worse. I recently discovered this chiropractor and so far so good! To start off, Dr. G reviews your history with you and assesses you, and then goes over a plan for first pain management and then, with consistency, recovery. I’ve been going the last few weeks and I’ve seen improvement in my problem hip already, it’s not so painful any more. I’d say my hip hurts like 2/10 after my shifts, vs 6/10 when I get off work. After an adjustment, the staff works with you by teaching you exercises that help strengthen problem areas, so I’ve been working on those. Basically, I’ve seen improvement already, and with further work and adjustments I think I’ll continue to improve. The staff here are so nice and helpful. I have received quality care and adjustments here, I highly recommend to others 🙂

    thumb talnime
    July 21, 2020

    5 star review  Dr. G and his staff are friendly and professional. When I called to make an appointment the receptionist was very accommodating with my schedule to get me in as soon as possible. Upon my first visit Dr. G came out & introduced himself to me and my husband, and welcomed us. Dr. G. and his staff are genuinely concerned about you and your well being. I highly recommend Dr. G.

    thumb Jeanel Lawrence
    August 20, 2019

    5 star review  Dr. G and Dr. Castellanos are both truly amazing! They really have a passion for what they do and that’s helping people. This is such an amazing place to be the environment is so friendly. Also during these troubling times of covid they have stayed open helping all of those in need. The office is so clean, it smells amazing when you walk in. This is the place to come if you are experiencing neck pain, back pain, are having trouble sleeping or have been in a car accident. You will be taken care of and will have come to see the best doctors?

    thumb Katrina Lima
    May 21, 2020