Spinal Stenosis and its Impact on Your Health

Spinal stenosis is a condition that occurs when the spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and nerves. This can cause a range of symptoms, including pain, numbness, and weakness, and can have a significant impact on an individual’s daily life. There are two main types of spinal stenosis: cervical stenosis, which occurs in […]

Understanding the Subluxation and Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those related to the spine. The foundation of chiropractic care is the understanding that proper alignment of the skeletal system is essential to good health. A chiropractic subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that affects the nerves, […]

What is Text Neck and How Do You Fix It?

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Text neck is a modern malady that is causing growing concern among medical professionals. This condition occurs when an individual is hunched over their smartphone or other electronic devices for extended periods. The repetitive strain of the head and neck in a forward, downward position for any amount of time puts an excessive amount of […]


C4 Orlandocityhealth April 20, 2022 Even though C4 is in the same network as the vertebrae at the top of your spine that ties in to your diaphragm, this particular vertebrae has some integral tie-ins to our everyday lives.  C4 is centrally located in the same neighborhood in the cervical/neck area of your spine.  It’s […]


When holding an infant, we know to support their head since they can’t yet do this themselves. That support is one of the primary functions of the C2 vertebrae, to keep your head flexible and able to move properly.  This vertebrae and the C1 have an atlas and axis relationship which helps you move your […]

Diving Deeper into Arthritis & Joint Pain

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of one or more joints that causes pain and stiffness, and can worsen with age, but did you know there are different types of arthritis that cause more centralized areas of pain? The CDC reports that approximately 23% of all adults in the United States suffer from arthritis, equating […]

Arthritis and Weather Related Joint Pain

Even though Florida is known as the sunshine state, once in a while we are gifted cold and cloudy weather. Especially this week, and this morning!  Central Floridians have been waking up to brisk cold winds accompanied by cloudy and rainy weather. For some, it’s what we look forward to around Christmas time, but for […]

Tired of Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be a frustrating feeling, taking over daily activities and range of motion. It’s never fun to deal with and it seems as if it only gets worse with time in most cases. Joint pain can come in many forms and there are a plethora of causes including but not limited to arthritis, […]

Soft Tissue

Soft tissue is tissue that surrounds internal parts of the body such as organs and bones. This material supports and connects these parts of the body. Soft tissue refers to muscles, ligaments, nerves, fat tendons fascia, and blood vessels. Often when pain is felt in the body, there is some sort of soft tissue injury. […]

Chiropractic and Massage

We all know that massages are relaxing and generally feel good to the body (if not, it’s about time you give it a try yourself!) but did you know that massage therapy actually has a plethora of benefits to the body? And, that massage therapy and chiropractic care go hand in hand? We offer massage […]