Thanksgiving is over, all those dishes are finally done and the leftovers are gone…but that holiday stress has just started.  Your back hurts and you feel worn out; lots of us do.  Want to hear about a sure-fire way to relieve all that physical and emotional tension? Orlando City Health and Wellness can help you […]

Effects of Chiropractic Care on Strength, Balance and Endurance in Active Duty U.S. Military Personal

Objectives: To investigate whether chiropractic care influences strength, balance, and/or endurance in active-duty United States military personnel with low back pain (LBP). Design: This study employed a prospective randomized controlled trial using a pragmatic treatment approach. Participants were randomly allocated to 4 weeks of chiropractic care or to a wait-list control. Interventions: Chiropractic care consisted […]

Chiropractic Care For New Born

Did you know up to 70 pounds of pressure can be put on an infant’s head & neck during childbirth? Pressure applied to the head and neck during childbirth can cause the spine to shift out of alignment (vertebral subluxation), putting pressure on nerves, causing dysfunction to where those nerves go! The first few months […]

Chiropractic For Athletic Performance

People living an active lifestyle want to be sure that their body can perform at its absolute BEST!   Whether you’re an avid hiker, swimmer, boxer, Crossfit athlete, or weightlifter, there is no greater feeling than hitting a PR (personal record) and going as hard as you can during your training, which makes chiropractic care […]

Car Accidents When it Rains

Florida is notorious for being unpredictable with its weather patterns, which makes determining whether you can go to the beach and enjoy the sun somewhat of a coin toss, especially currently when we’re dealing with more rain than normal. Rainstorms can definitely put a damper on your plans, but overall, the goal is to stay […]

Tired of Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be a frustrating feeling, taking over daily activities and range of motion. It’s never fun to deal with and it seems as if it only gets worse with time in most cases. Joint pain can come in many forms and there are a plethora of causes including but not limited to arthritis, […]

Soft Tissue

Soft tissue is tissue that surrounds internal parts of the body such as organs and bones. This material supports and connects these parts of the body. Soft tissue refers to muscles, ligaments, nerves, fat tendons fascia, and blood vessels. Often when pain is felt in the body, there is some sort of soft tissue injury. […]

Chiropractic and Massage

We all know that massages are relaxing and generally feel good to the body (if not, it’s about time you give it a try yourself!) but did you know that massage therapy actually has a plethora of benefits to the body? And, that massage therapy and chiropractic care go hand in hand? We offer massage […]

Chiropractic Care for Athletes

With school back in full swing and kids getting active in their sports, we have seen a lot of sports related cases here at the office. As parents, it’s common to encourage your child to participate in sports to stay active and in shape. This helps keep kids healthy and out of trouble but what […]