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    Get Better Rest

    Having trouble falling asleep or even staying asleep is one of the toughest struggles. It seems like when you have one night of restless sleep, [...]
  • Coping-With-Anxiety-and-Depression-722x406

    Chiropractic Care Can Aid with Anxiety and Depression

    Would you believe me if I told you that a chiropractic adjustment can reduce your anxiety and/or depression? Sounds weird, right? Well, it’s [...]
  • traction

    Spinal Traction

    Chiropractic visits usually consist of more than just an adjustment. More times than not, doctors will suggest some extra modalities to be [...]
  • good posture 2

    National Correct Your Posture Month!

    It’s May! That means it’s national Correct Your Posture Month. This is the time, right now, for you to correct YOUR posture. It’s never too [...]
  • how-often-lift-heavy-weights-benefits-strength-training

    Chiropractic Care for Working Out

    We work out. We feel tired. We rest. We repeat. Engaging in physical activity is so important to keep the body fit and healthy. Some people work [...]
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    What Kind of Massage Do You Need?

    What Kind of Massage Do You Need? Getting a massage can be a glorious experience, especially when done right. They help heal the body and they [...]
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    4 Reasons To Get Chiropractic Care

    (function ($) { $(document).ready(function () { var font_val = 'Open+Sans'; // Check if has a link tag of this font var [...]
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    Core Stability for Low Back Pain

    Core Stability for Low Back Pain If you have been suffering from lower back pain, you are not alone. About 80 percent of adults experience low [...]
  • chronic-pain

    Chronic Pain

    Chronic Pain The definition of chronic pain is any pain lasting longer than 12 weeks. Most of us will experience pain at some point in our [...]
  • female-with-vertigo-and-dizziness


    Dizziness By Dr. Michael Gampolo There are several sensations that people feel and describe as dizziness. It can be any feeling from the [...]

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