Understanding the Subluxation and Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those related to the spine. The foundation of chiropractic care is the understanding that proper alignment of the skeletal system is essential to good health. A chiropractic subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that affects the nerves, […]

What is Text Neck and How Do You Fix It?

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Text neck is a modern malady that is causing growing concern among medical professionals. This condition occurs when an individual is hunched over their smartphone or other electronic devices for extended periods. The repetitive strain of the head and neck in a forward, downward position for any amount of time puts an excessive amount of […]


C4 Orlandocityhealth April 20, 2022 Even though C4 is in the same network as the vertebrae at the top of your spine that ties in to your diaphragm, this particular vertebrae has some integral tie-ins to our everyday lives.  C4 is centrally located in the same neighborhood in the cervical/neck area of your spine.  It’s […]


When holding an infant, we know to support their head since they can’t yet do this themselves. That support is one of the primary functions of the C2 vertebrae, to keep your head flexible and able to move properly.  This vertebrae and the C1 have an atlas and axis relationship which helps you move your […]


Thanksgiving is over, all those dishes are finally done and the leftovers are gone…but that holiday stress has just started.  Your back hurts and you feel worn out; lots of us do.  Want to hear about a sure-fire way to relieve all that physical and emotional tension? Orlando City Health and Wellness can help you […]

Effects of Chiropractic Care on Strength, Balance and Endurance in Active Duty U.S. Military Personal

Objectives: To investigate whether chiropractic care influences strength, balance, and/or endurance in active-duty United States military personnel with low back pain (LBP). Design: This study employed a prospective randomized controlled trial using a pragmatic treatment approach. Participants were randomly allocated to 4 weeks of chiropractic care or to a wait-list control. Interventions: Chiropractic care consisted […]

Is Misalignment Of Your Neck Causing Your Headaches, Sinuses Or Difficulty Sleeping?

Today we are going to discuss how different parts of your body can be affected by the nerves in correlation with your spine; in other words, confirming if a spinal misalignment (vertebral subluxation) is the cause of any discomfort or symptoms that you’re experiencing. Whether it be sinus trouble or a sore throat, it’s always […]

Chiropractic Care For New Born

Did you know up to 70 pounds of pressure can be put on an infant’s head & neck during childbirth? Pressure applied to the head and neck during childbirth can cause the spine to shift out of alignment (vertebral subluxation), putting pressure on nerves, causing dysfunction to where those nerves go! The first few months […]

Chiropractic For Athletic Performance

People living an active lifestyle want to be sure that their body can perform at its absolute BEST!   Whether you’re an avid hiker, swimmer, boxer, Crossfit athlete, or weightlifter, there is no greater feeling than hitting a PR (personal record) and going as hard as you can during your training, which makes chiropractic care […]