Are My Feet Causing Back Pain?

Many of us are no stranger to back pain. Many times we know the source of the pain (lifting injury, car accident, etc.) However, for many, we don’t know WHY we have back pain.
There is a reason for this, we aren’t looking to our feet for the source of the pain! Many of us are looking down at our cell phones (explaining our neck pain) but we neglect to look at feet, heels or shoes as the source to our lower back pain. Wearing improper footwear could be causing the pain!
Our feet are very delicate, which is why it is so important to take care of them. Even more imperative though is that we understand their full function, which is more than just for walking.
Did you know if you have a foot deformity, we automatically adjust our gait (walking pattern) to alleviate that pain?
We subconsciously do this so we alleviate as much discomfort as possible, but if we do not get it taken care of in a timely manner it can permanently affect our posture and the amount of pressure we put on our joints; this ties into wearing the proper footwear according to our bodies.
Research shows that 20-30% of the adult population has flat feet, making it more common than you may think. The arches in our feet, formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones and reinforced by ligaments and tendons, help support our body weight in an erect posture and the least amount of weight; needless to say, they are essential! You can put as much force as FIVE TIMES your body weight on your feet when you are walking, and if your foot does not redistribute that shock properly, you’re more than likely to have problems occur elsewhere like joint or back pain.
Let US support YOU! Did you know we can order custom soles for your shoes here in the office?
We use a device from ALINE that shoes exactly where on your feet need the most support, and you pick up the soles at your appointment when they arrive. Do not let foot pain be an inhibitor on your life, ask our doctor’s about how to take advantage of this innovative technology at your next adjustment!
Don’t suffer with foot pain or back pain. Give Orlando City Health and Wellness a call today!
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