Car Accidents When it Rains

Florida is notorious for being unpredictable with its weather patterns, which makes determining whether you can go to the beach and enjoy the sun somewhat of a coin toss, especially currently when we’re dealing with more rain than normal. Rainstorms can definitely put a damper on your plans, but overall, the goal is to stay safe. Driving in the rain is one of the leading causes of accidents because while we focus on the road, our vision is still impaired because of the rain.

According to the US Department of Transportation, 1,235,000 crashes in the US each year are weather-related, and out of these crashes, 418,000 people are injured. Correlating with these statistics, 70% of all the rain-related crashes are on wet pavement, and 48% occur during the actual rainfall. Why are these numbers so important? These statistics should always give us the drive (no pun intended) to make sure we are paying attention to the road. Even as I drove into work this morning it was, of course, pouring rain and there were, unfortunately, some instances where if I were not paying attention we would have collided. A common occurrence when it is raining is people driving slower, which means cars are not at the appropriate distance and we are more prone to accidents.

Now, what do we do when we get in that crash? What’s the thought process we go through when this unfortunate situation happens?

Getting in any sort of car crash is a scary situation because there are so many factors to consider when we’re in the moment, so we tend to get a little overwhelmed thinking of everything that needs to be said and done. Sadly, for some, they also must deal with being in pain if this collision caused any sort of injury. One of the main types of injuries that happen in car accidents is damage to the spine, ranging anywhere from whiplash-type injuries to herniated discs, nerve impingement, etc. At Orlando City Health & Wellness we specialize in treating car accident victims and helping pinpoint where exactly you were affected. Then we customize a treatment plan for you and keep you on a path to wellness that not only maintains your progress but keeps you feeling better in the years to come! So, if you still have pain from an auto accident and haven’t sought chiropractic treatment yet, please give us a call to book your new patient exam or free consultation with the doctor to see how we can help!

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