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Did you know the Florida law says that you have 14 days after a car accident to see a doctor in order for you to get the care that you need? This may sound irrelevant and like it doesn’t matter but it does, and here’s why…

After a car accident, you may feel a little stiff and a little sore but okay enough to go on with your day to day life. A week later you start feeling worse and worse. You call the chiropractor that pops up on google but they can’t get you in for a few weeks. You know you need to see a doctor but aren’t in a rush: after all, you just dealt with the pain for a whole week…what’s a little while longer? Well, those weeks go by and you have missed the 14 day mark to see a doctor. This is going to cost you a lot of money because you can no longer go through your personal injury protection through your auto insurance.

It’s hard to make the decision right away to see a doctor but chances are, after an accident you’ll feel some form of pain so why not be safe than sorry and see a doctor right away? 

Chiropractic care after a car accident can save you so much pain in the future. Often, endorphins are so high from an accident that your body is in shock and can’t process all of the information at once. This may delay the pain response, causing you to feel the effects of an accident later on. People assume that because their bones aren’t broken or they weren’t rushed to the hospital, that they are okay and pain free but that is far from the case. The impact of an accident causes stress to all areas of the body and even if you didn’t break any bones, you definitely could have thrown the body’s alignment out of whack and caused some damage. Soft tissue including muscles, ligaments, and tendons could have experienced a strain and need some adjusting. 

Orlando City Health and Wellness takes car accidents cases very seriously. We can get you an appointment the same day as your accident to ensure that you feel as minimal pain as possible. Our goal is to give you the care that you need so you feel good now and don’t have to experience aches and pains later on. Coming to our office will ensure that you are secure with a doctor before you miss the 14 day period to use your personal injury protection through insurance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these cases. Even if you don’t need it right now, you never know when tragic events will occur. Being prepared is so important. Next time you or someone you know and love are in an accident, give us a call and we will be sure to find a custom treatment plan to help you!

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