Why Choose Us?

Choosing a doctor can be scary. Through years of experience we’ve realized every patient is asking the following three questions: 

  1. What is wrong with me? 
  2. What can you do to help?
  3. How much is this going to cost me? 

Our doctors and staff are trained to answer all three of those questions thoroughly and effectively.  During your initial visit at our office you will spend 30 to 45 minutes with our doctor reviewing your past medical history and examinations will be performed to find exactly what is wrong with you, answering question number one. 

With our science-based approach to patient care, our three phase program is designed to not only decrease pain and inflammation but fix the underlying cause of the problem. Phase 1 is designed to decrease inflammation and pain, phase 2 is focused on rehabilitation and long term stabilization. Phase 3 is recommended to maintain the results you have received in phase 1 and 2, this care we call maintenance/wellness care. Keeping up with the doctors recommended treatment plan answers question number two regarding what you can do to help reduce and relieve your pain.

We are in network with many insurance companies and our staff will be sure to do a complimentary benefits check during your initial visit at the office. Each of us has the freedom to place a different value on our health. Ultimately, good health is about personal responsibility. We find ways to make care affordable for just about anyone! Question number three will look differently for each individual however we have options that make each plan type affordable and doable.

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