Activator Adjustments

Most people think of a doctor twisting and turning the body to adjust the spine when they think of a chiropractic adjustment. Though this can be true, feel good, and very effective, there are other ways to adjust the spine as well. One way being through the activator technique. The activator technique has become one of the most popular ways to adjust the spine as well as the most favored next to traditional form of adjustments. 

This method uses a small hand-held device that applies light force to the spine to adjust and correct the joints and vertebrae. The spring loaded device applies this light force by a slight impulse directed to the area of tightness or mis-allignment. 

The activator technique is beneficial for many reasons. It offers patients the ability to be adjusted in a way that is comfortable to them. Not everyone loves getting adjusted through the traditional way of twisting and manipulating the spine. This method helps patients who dislike the traditional method, allowing them to get adjusted in a more comfortable way. This technique also allow patients to get adjusted who may have other disabilities making adjustments difficult for them.

This method is a quick one so the muscles have less time to respond and resist the treatment. Sometimes the muscles tense up making the prolonging to results of treatment. The activator gets directly into the muscle tissue making the bodies response come quicker.

The activator is a wonderful tool for trigger point therapy, getting into the spine directly at the origin of pain. The shape and size of the activator is more effective to get directly into areas of pain that a doctor may not be able to reach directly without tools. This method is also a good one to use for the extremities such as the shoulders, arms, and legs. The activator method is a beneficial one for all patients. Ask your chiropractor about it next time you go in for an adjustment!

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