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Having trouble falling asleep or even staying asleep is one of the toughest struggles. It seems like when you have one night of restless sleep, it turns into a pattern and soon enough you are in a rut of no sleep and cranky-ness. These ruts can be caused from pain, insomnia, or even self induced through burnout and too much on the mind. It’s the worse but I have some good news for you. Chiropractic care can help pull you out of this rut and get you feeling good. These doctors may not be able to solve all your problems and sort all of your thoughts out for you to help you sleep but they can help you find more comfortable ways to sleep and protect the spine so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Physically, chiropractic care can help reduce the pain that you feel that is making it difficult to fall asleep. This pain can be in the back, neck, limbs, or even headaches. If you feel yourself tossing and turning in the night or even waking up from the pain, seeing a chiropractor may be the answer to pain relief. This will help you throughout the night but it will also help you be more productive in your days because you will be getting full nights of rest and not experiencing the pain while trying to get work done.

Chiropractors can examine the way that you normally sleep and help you find a position that could promote restfulness and even help support the spine throughout your slumber. Not only can they help yours positioning but they can also tell you what kind of mattress and pillow you should be using based on your body type and spinal structure. This can make sleeping more comfortable. Most people don’t think of how they sleep as their cause of pain, but it very well could be!

Emotionally, spinal adjustments promote the flow of nutrients and hormones in the body. There could be blocked pathways in the body that’s making it difficult for you to fall asleep each night or making it difficult to stay asleep. Getting adjusted by a chiropractor will help increase the pathways for these hormones to flow to and from the brain, making it easier to sleep each night.

Many people don’t think about the spine as playing a crucial role in sleep but in fact, the spine is one of the biggest key factors in how restful you can be. When your body feels at ease and comfort, it is easier to fall into a state of relaxation making it easier to fall asleep each night. Getting consistent adjustments will improve overall quality of life, beginning with sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep each night, seek chiropractic care to help you physically, emotionally, and restfully.

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