Chiropractic Care for Working Out

We work out. We feel tired. We rest. We repeat. Engaging in physical activity is so important to keep the body fit and healthy. Some people work out a little bit harder than others and strain the body by pushing it past its natural state. This is okay to do as long as we are spending time to recover properly. This is the biggest thing that athletes, fitness junkies, and gym goers tend to neglect. There are plenty of ways to recover including (but not limited to) eating the right foods, massage, chiropractic care, yoga/stretching, and proper sleep.

Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to recover between workouts to help prevent injuries and enhance performance. Getting adjusted on a regular basis ensures that the spine remains strong. This will help with form at the gym as well as strength, allowing you to lift heavier without the chronic pain in the back. Having proper form can feel weird for someone that is misaligned. When this occurs, you are more at susceptible to injuries while lifting weights, leading to more pain and inability to grow. Spinal manipulation is indirectly and invasively focusing on the nervous system. When we feel pain, that is the nervous system sending signals to the brain that something is out of its normal state in the body resulting in pain, to make you want to change what you are doing. When misaligned, the nervous system feels this and sends signals that you are in pain, especially while adding more pressure such as running and lifting weights. When adjusted, the spine is working its way to proper form, resulting in less impact to the nervous system and less pain in the body. Because of this, one is also able to increase strength without feeling as fatigued.

Chiropractic care also promotes good sleep and proper rest. Getting adjusted improves blood flow, resulting in better, more restful sleep. Did you know that your body grows the most muscle tissue and repairs itself after a strenuous workout the most when you are sleeping? Getting a good night of sleep is crucial for the body to keep up with everyday workouts. Chiropractors often have a wide range of people they refer out to. Going to a chiropractor will help athletes and gym goers feel a sense of relief when it comes to the body. They can help reduce pain, promote sleep, increase performance, and if it’s doesn’t help you, they will more than likely find someone that can help. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Coming to Orlando City Health and Wellness will help all sorts athletic needs. Not only do we offer the best in chiropractic care and massage, but we will also work with you on proper stretching and exercises to increase mobility and performance. We will send you at-home workouts and stretches to help you when you can’t make it in after your workout. We also offer orthotic fittings, diet and nutrition support, sports physicals, massage, and KT Tape to boost your fitness levels to the top!

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