What Kind of Massage Do You Need?

Getting a massage can be a glorious experience, especially when done right. They help heal the body and they supplement other holistic treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and more. Generally, massage is a practice where a therapist kneads the body to release tension in muscles and joints. There are so many types of massages to choose from and it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Look below at the types of massages offered at Orlando City Health and Wellness to find the best fit for you. Our spa room is a peaceful atmosphere with calming colors, a heated massage table, and comfort beyond belief.

  1. Aromatherapy
    An Aromatherapy massage can consist of a few different things. Sometimes it can consist of essential oils being used on the body and sometimes it is simply scenting in the air to calm the body’s nervous system. Here at Orlando City Health and Wellness, EVERY massage will consist of the purest essential oils being diffused in the spa room to create a serine experience and relax your mind. If you are sensitive to certain scents, just let us know and we will be sure to accommodate you.
  2. Trigger Point
    Trigger Point Massage Therapy is perfect for injuries, specific pain, and chronic pain. There are trigger points in muscles that can cause pain throughout the body when untreated. Our massage therapist will do a full body massage as needed, and spend time focusing on trigger points that are causing pain to you. Trigger Point massages are good for people that have chronic pain in a specific area. If you feel like your body is tight is specific area and needs a little extra love and care, Trigger Point is just for you.
  3. Cupping
    Cupping has become a famous fad since Michael Phelps rocked the bruise-like circles at the 2016 Olympics but what exactly is it? Cupping is where suction is applied to the skin to pull out tension in the fascia, remove toxins from the body, and stimulate blood flow. Specific Cupping can be performed for 5-10 minutes to a point on the body to pull out tension or it can be performed as a 30-minute massage. A Cupping Massage consists of dragging the suctioned cups on the desired body part (generally the back and legs) to pull-out built-up tension. These massages are good for athletes, people who are physically active, someone that poor circulation or anyone that wants to give it a try.   These are just a few of the specialty massage options available at Orlando City Health and Wellness. Give us a call to book your appointment today!
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